Asana builds a native Android app because HTML5 just doesn’t cut it anymore

Popular task manager and team collaboration tool, Asana, has updated its Android app with significant upgrades to both the codebase and design.

Formerly an app wrapper for a responsive HTML5 page, Asana now runs natively on Android, and has been optimized for Android 5.0 Lollipop and Material Design.

For those uninitiated with Asana (pronounced “a-sauna”), it is a cross between a team-based task manager and real-time communications platform. Every message or task is actionable, and can be shared with an entire team, smaller group, or individual. Tasks can be sorted into projects, making it easy to collaborate with the right people at the right time. Like Slack, Convo and others, it is meant to replace email while simplifying one’s enterprise workflow.

The company launched a native iOS 8 app late last year, and with a native Android experience, along with mature Windows and Mac functionality, Asana is ready to go.

The app is free for small teams, with paid subscriptions rising to $21/month for teams of five or more.