BlackBerry releases $999 Limited Edition gold and black Passport

Drake’s got one. The Sultan of Brunei probably wants one. And now you can get one, too. See, life is fair that way.

BlackBerry has announced a limited edition run of 50 black-and-gold Passports running $999 CAD or $899 USD. The company says that each one is engraved with the words, “Limited Edition,” and has the production number (like a painting!) etched on the bottom.

While the design is unchanged from the original, the frame and frets are coloured a subtle gold, and the device comes with a specialty case made with a “soft calf leather with Valextra ‘costa’ lacquered piping.” Valextra is a well-known Italian leather goods manufacturer.

Interested? Head to ShopBlackBerry. Hey, you only live once.