Microsoft bringing Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 devices

Microsoft announced today that it will bring Xbox One game streaming to Windows 10 devices. While smartphones were not singled out, Microsoft made it clear that because Windows 10 would be coming to the Xbox One, it will be relatively easy to stream whatever is playing on the console to another screen over WiFi.

Like PlayStation 4’s Remote Play feature, any Xbox One game can stream to a PC, tablet or smartphone within the Xbox app, which will come pre-installed on Windows 10. Users can connect any Bluetooth controller and map existing hardware keys to it to recreate the Xbox One experience — or just connect an Xbox One controller itself to mimic it more fully.


The goal is to free up the television for other uses, so a single-TV home can still use an Xbox for gaming when the TV it is connected to is occupied.

Microsoft also said that Xbox and Windows 10 users will be able to play the same games across platforms using DirectX 12. Unity, along with Epic, has pledged support for DirectX 12.

Microsoft wouldn’t comment on a timeframe for Xbox One streaming, but it will likely arrive later this year along with the public release of Windows 10.