Huawei job postings hint at Kitchener office opening

Huawei seems to be following through on its commitment to create more jobs in Canada. The Chinese manufacturer recently announced plans to invest $500 million to expand its research and development efforts in Canada, adding 325 new jobs over the next five years. The company currently has a presence in Markham, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal, and it now seems as though the company is moving into Kitchener.

This week, a number of postings advertising jobs at Huawei surfaced online. Dating back to October 2014, the listings cover a range of positions, including Research Director, Executive Assistant, Development Director, Sales Management Specialist, Software Security Engineer and Security Researcher. It appears Huawei is beefing up its security efforts, potentially scooping up former BlackBerry engineers on the latter’s home turf. According to The Globe & Mail, the office is set to be run by former BlackBerry Security VP, Scott Totzke.

In an interview, Scott Bradley, Huawei Canada’s VP of Corporate Affairs, told MobileSyrup, “at this point there has been no formal decisions made in regards to an office or what exactly that structure would look like in the K-W region. Basically, the process right now is exploratory and seeing what opportunities are out there for us.”

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