Qmote is a smart remote for your phone

Following two unsuccessful Kickstarter campaigns, California-based Qblinks is back with a sort of new idea. Dubbed Qmote, this new project is a remote that is capable of controlling or triggering different actions on your smartphone and draws on a lot of the functionality of one of the company’s failed projects.

The Qmote is a single button remote at its core, but it leverages user-defined click-patterns for a more multifunctional experience. The idea is to limit unnecessary and often awkward hands-on interactions with your phone by replacing them with the Qmote. For example, if your phone is plugged in across the room over night, you can silence your alarm with just one click of the Qmote.

You can also snap photos, record audio, take screenshots, control your music, start navigation, toggle the flashlight on and off, switch your phone to silent, mute incoming calls, summon Siri, or activate Google Now. IFTTT integration expands Qmote’s functionality beyond your phone and allows you to use it to communicate with your Nest, Hue lighting, smart TV, or other smart home devices. Because it’s also compatible with Mac and PC, you can use Qmote as a wireless presentation controller, too.

The Qmote is priced at $15 for Kickstarter backers and will ship in May. The project has already met its funding goal of $20,00 with more than a month remaining in the campaign.

The device is similar to a past project from Qblinks that shared the company’s name. The Qblinks was a multifunction Bluetooth 4.0-enabled device that showed notifications and was also capable of wirelessly controlling your phone. It carried a lot of the same functionality as the Qmote, including the ability to capture photos remotely, activate Siri, and find your phone, but it also had a temperature sensor and notification light.

Sadly, Qblinks other failed Kickstarter project, the iScent, does not live on in the Qmote. iScent was Bluetooth 4.0-enabled atomizer that promised to bring custom smells each time your phone rang.