Super Bowl XLIX was the most tweeted Super Bowl ever

Whacky commercials and crazy half-time shows are time-honoured Super Bowl traditions and Twitter’s annual reporting of #SuperBowl statistics is well on its way to enjoying the same status. The company has been reporting on just how many users are sharing their experience of the game on Twitter for several years now.

This year, as with last year, and the year before (and the year before that, even) was the biggest year yet for the Super Bowl on Twitter. From kickoff through until 30 minutes after the game, Twitter users from around the world sent a total of 28.4 million tweets. That’s 3.5 million more than last year, and more than double the number of tweets sent during the 2008 Super Bowl (Twitter revealed in 2012 that fans sent 13.7 million Super Bowl-related tweets in 2008).

The most tweeted about moments were Malcolm Butler’s intercept of Russell Wilson’s pass one yard from the goal line, the moment the Patriots actually defeated the Seahawks, and the end of Katy Perry’s half-time performance.

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