BlackBerry Z30 comes to Shop BlackBerry for under $275 (Update)

Update: Looks like the $274 price was only temporary, and the BlackBerry Z30 is now back up to its $399 base price. Hope all got one yesterday who wanted one!

BlackBerry has begun selling its Z30 phablet smartphone on its Shop BlackBerry e-commerce site for $274, a heavy discount from its $399 MSRP.

The phone, now over a year old, was well received when it was released, sporting a high-quality 720p display, excellent sound quality and all-day battery life. It is also slated to be updated to BlackBerry 10.3.1 in the coming weeks.

It’s unclear whether the discount to $275 is in preparation for the announcement of a Z30 successor at Mobile World Congress in March — the company promised new hardware this quarter, including a concept product — but the the Z30 is the company’s best (and newest) all-touch device.

The device comes unlocked, in either black or white, shipped from ShopBlackBerry.

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