Google giving 2GB bump in Google Drive storage to those who complete a Security Checkup

Google Android robot

February 11th is International Safer Internet Day and several Canadian companies are promoting various ways to improve online safety. The Ontario Provincial Police jumped in to offer some advice, noting the best way to stay safe online, apart from not accessing the internet, is to regularly change your passwords, never share any personal info to those you don’t know, and have open communication about your internet habits at home.

Google is also offering a helping hand during Safer Internet Day by enticing the world with an additional 2GB of Google Drive storage. All you have to do is simply complete an easy security checkup, which is basically approving your Google account recovery details and recent account history, along with approving the apps/services that are connected to your account. We also recommend turning on two-factor authentication.

To score the free space, the checklist must be completed by February 17th and will be added to your account by the end of the month.


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