Google Now lets you toggle WiFi, Bluetooth and flashlight with your voice

Google Now

Google’s intelligent personal assistant has been helping us set alarms, take notes, perform searches and call mom for a very long time, but with Lollipop, it’s also able to access certain hardware controls on your phone.

Android Police reports that Android 5.0 now allows you to toggle your WiFi and Bluetooth on and off, as well as your phone’s built-in flashlight. It used to be that Google Now would take requests to turn WiFi or Bluetooth on or off and would boot you straight to your settings menu. Not exactly convenient or safe if you’re driving and want to switch on Bluetooth. With Lollipop, all you have to do is launch with the usual, “Okay, Google,” and then issue the appropriate command.

Android Police reports that this feature is exclusive to Lollipop, and a quick check confirms that my KitKat-toting Moto X 2014 doesn’t want to actually do the legwork of turning WiFi on, it just wants to show me how to do it myself. The most useful of the three will probably be the flashlight, since not every Android device ships with a flashlight app installed.

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