Google will unveil child-friendly YouTube app on February 23rd

My 4-year old boy can flawlessly work a tablet to access YouTube. He touches the screen, taps the microphone icon and searches for garbage trucks — but then something else usually comes up that’s dramatically different and certainly not in his age range.

According to the USA Today, Google is set to change this up next week. The publication is stating that YouTube will unveil an app solely dedicated to kids on February 23rd. This “YouTube for Kids” will be completely separate from YouTube and feature a simple UI with a tiled homescreen of popular shows.

Parents will have control over what kids can or cannot watch, but more importantly will be void of “distracting elements such as viewer comments.” There will be five icons that give direction to the different media options available: a TV set for TV shows; a radio for videos of popular songs; a lightbulb for educational videos; and binoculars to discover top videos.

However, the report did not indicate if the child-friendly app will be free of ads.