Samsung’s wireless charger shows up at the FCC

Samsung might be poking fun at some of the rumours that have circulated online over the last few months, but with the launch of the Galaxy S6 just around the corner, new information is coming from more reliable sources every day. SamMobile is reporting that the rumoured wireless charger for the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge has just hit the FCC.

The filing attaches the model number EP-PG920I to the charger and shows a round device that will also be available in Canada but is made in Vietnam. It looks like a charging mat as opposed to a cradle for the phone, which means it could potentially be used with devices that are equipped with wireless charging.

Samsung is expected to announce two different versions of the Galaxy S6 and at least one wearable device on Sunday. No doubt part of the company’s decision to go with the mat form factor was that the charger could be pushed as a catch-all charger as opposed to a device-specific accessory.