Whiplr app aims to connect fetishists looking for playmates

If you’re reading a tech blog, you’ve no doubt heard of Tinder, the app that matches users looking for a hook up based on their location. You can swipe through people near you until you find someone interesting and then strike up a conversation and ask them on a date. But what if you’re looking for a specific type of encounter?

That can a little harder to engineer. Short of having a potential partner fill out a questionnaire (or watching their expression intently during a screening of 50 Shades of Grey), it can be difficult to figure out if your interests in the bedroom are compatible with that of a potential partner. Enter Whiplr, an app that promises to match “play partners” based on their kinks.

Whiplr users fill out their profile with different information about themselves including photos, height, weight, location, sexual preference (on a sliding scale for those that don’t consider themselves the “either/or” type), kinks, and a short bio. The app also supports video chat, instant messaging, phone calls, and couples profiles. For peace of mind, you can delete any message you send to another party from both your device and theirs at any time. To find potential playmates, you can filter by kinks, role, experience, location and more.

The kicker is that you don’t have unfettered access to all of these features without a subscription. Whiplr wants you to join the Dekadom, which gives you unlimited access for $9.99 per month for an annual subscription. If you’re not willing to commit to a full year, you can buy one month at a time for $19.99.

Whiplr is available for both iOS and Android and, unlike Tinder, you’re not limited by your location. Whiplr’s website even boasts that you can find people in other countries if you’re so inclined. One things for sure, with 50 Shades of Grey already grossing more than $415 million worldwide, there is no better time to launch this kind of application.