TELUS announces in-store appointment service for customers in Ontario

Over the last decade or so, we’ve grown used to the instantaneous service offered by online shopping. Compared to ‘add to cart’ and ‘Checkout with PayPal,’ actually going to the store and waiting in line to talk to a real person seems so archaic. Alas, there are some situations where this cannot be avoided and so the trek must be made.

telus appointment

If you’re going to use the service, you have to be willing to adhere to the schedule of available appointments, which is no surprise, but it may end up being less convenient than just popping into your local TELUS branch on the way home from work. For example, when we tried to book an appointment at Toronto’s Eaton Centre to purchase a new iPhone 6, we were told there were no appointments until Wednesday, middle of the day.

If you’ve ever used TELUS’s online booking service to make an appointment for a learning session at one the Learning Centre stores, the system will be very familiar to you. You select the phone you want to buy, your location, and then pick a time and provide details of what you’d like to talk about. TELUS will then confirm your appointment and you’re good to go. It’s worth noting that the Learning Centre scheduling system is slightly different (and still operational with way more appointment availability) so it’s likely TELUS wants to use this appointments for sales and service appointments rather than teaching you how to install apps or pair Bluetooth devices with your phone.

On the flip side, if you love going to your local store, if you’re worried that those with appointments will make it harder for you to just drop in and ask for help, you don’t need to be concerned. Looking at the online appointment system, it seems TELUS is committed to only offering appointments at certain times of the day, and some days there are no appointments at all (we were told there was nothing today or tomorrow, but also nothing in the early in the mornings, later in the afternoons, or anytime Sunday). It’s likely TELUS only has a few reps set up to handle these requests and keeps a good number of staff free for the usual walk-ins.

Though it doesn’t appear to be limited to existing TELUS customers, this service is only available in select Ontario stores. No word on when this will be available in other provinces.