OnePlus promises Oxygen OS on March 27th, Cyanogen 12S on March 30th

OnePlus has finally offered an update for One users waiting to receive Lollipop. Today, admin Brandon H posted to the official OnePlus forums with information on availability of CyanogenMod 12S as well as the company’s own OxygenOS.

Those eager for a taste of Cyanogen’s flavour of Lollipop can look forward to a release on or before March 30th. The company is hoping to pip Cyanogen Inc to the finish with a release of its own OxygenOS on or before March 27th, which is Friday of next week.

The company says it’s committed to meeting the above deadline and is putting its money where its mouth is with a promise to give away five 64GB OnePlus Ones if it misses either of the above deadlines.

The company announced plans to develop its own OS in December, following its public falling out with Cyanogen Inc. Since then, we’ve seen very little in the way of information from OnePlus other than a name and an introduction to the development team. Next week will be a big one for OnePlus, especially considering the company has prided itself on offering a close-to-stock experience with no contract.