Starbucks mobile tipping and gifting now available to Canadians

Update, April 15th: Virtual tipping is now available for users to access. Once a payment has been made in either the iOS or Android app, the option to tip the barista $0.50, $1 or $2 will show up immediately afterwards. Feeling generous? You can also enter a custom amount. Have fun!

In March of last year, Starbucks announced an update to its iOS application that introduced the ability to tip your barista from your phone. Though the new app design was rolled out to users in the US, UK and Canada, the tipping feature was exclusive to users in the United States.

That will change soon, according to the App Store. An update to the Starbucks for iOS app was pushed out on Friday, March 13th. The app description notes that this build, version 3.2.3, brings additional stability for Apple Pay as well as other fixes “to enhance your Starbucks experience.” However, the description also reveals that Tipping and Gifts will soon come to Canada and the UK.

Starbucks hasn’t made an official announcement about Canadian availability for Tipping and Gifts outside of this description in the App Store. Last year, when it introduced the feature for Americans, Starbucks said digital tipping was a top suggestion on, a community for people to share, vote, discuss ideas for enhancing the Starbucks experience. Starbucks introduced digital tipping for Android users in September. No word on when Canadian Android users are getting support for mobile tipping. Because we know you’re all dying to digitally tip your Starbucks barista.

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