Android Wear brings Android Device Manager to your wrist

One of the big issues people have with Android Wear smartwatches is that they’re companion devices that are almost entirely reliant on your smartphone. Without a connection to your phone, the watch’s functionality is very limited.

Google today announced an update that will help you ensure your watch and phone are never apart for too long. This is an expansion of Android Device Manager, which allows users to locate their phone via the web. Now, Android Wear users can find their phone right on their watch.

The down side of this is that this is only going to be useful for when your phone is in range of Bluetooth. It’s really more for if you’re at home and can’t remember where you put your phone or if you’re digging through your purse or bag for your phone and need to find it as soon as possible, you can use your watch to “call” your phone to speed up the search. This feature is rolling out over the next few weeks and can be activated via touch or by a voice command.