Koodo Mobile to undergo brand overhaul in April with new “Choose Happy” tagline

It seems that 2015 is the year of branding realignment in the Canadian wireless market.

Rogers recently unveiled a refreshed logo and brand strategy, its most recent sequence in a previously announced overhaul dubbed Rogers 3.0. Fido, a Rogers flanker brand, is also on the cusp of unveiling a new direction, known internally as “the New Fido.” From it we’re expecting a new logo along with several marketing strategies geared towards millennials. TELUS-owned Public Mobile is also moving to a self-service, SIM-only strategy as “Canada’s cooperative wireless provider.”

Koodo Mobile, TELUS’s long-time flanker brand, is the latest carrier moving towards a refresh, though this one appears to be more subtle. In the coming weeks, Koodo Mobile will unveil “juicy details on our new look” and also introduce “some awesome new updates.”

The new look will most likely see the outspoken wrestler “El Tabador” vanish from Koodo’s marketing efforts. In early 2014, the character was sold off to Camillion Corp. in a global rights deal that may eventually see his likeness in a 30-minute TV sitcom, video games, and merchandise. The new Koodo will also feature a lighter, more modern colour palette, with various shades of yellow and blue replacing the black, orange and pink hues used today.

Koodo Mobile is also getting a new tagline. “Good Call,” which refers to the increasingly-anachronistic act of making phone calls, is being replaced with “Choose Happy,” which comprises a buoyant smiling cartoon face from the two o’s in the word “Choose.” TELUS registered the “Choose Happy” trademark back in February.


Koodo also plans to end its current Tab system, pushing new and renewing customers towards two-year contracts, similar to those from TELUS and other providers.

As has been the tendency with these brand refreshes, many of the vestiges from the days of three-year contracts, such as BYOD discounts and value packs, will be altered or removed. Customers will also be offered a bevy of new pre- and post-paid monthly plans, though specifics are not yet available.

According to our sources, these changes are expected to go live in April.

TELUS launched Koodo Mobile in 2008 and initially came to market with a 1980’s retro theme with dancers outfitted in neon spandex. In April 2014, Koodo announced it had crossed the 1 million subscriber mark.

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koodo new plans