Facebook adds businesses to the Messenger conversation

Facebook Messenger

No longer content to have people simply using its messaging service to chat with friends and family members, Facebook is opening up Messenger to businesses.

At their F8 conference on Wednesday, Facebook announced and previewed a build of Businesses on Messenger. The extension will allow Messenger users to receive messages straight from e-commerce companies. The content of these messages might include shipping updates and order tracking, as well as simple queries between a customer and a company they’ve decided to do business with.

Facebook Messenger

“With Businesses on Messenger, people can have rich and personal conversations with businesses,” says Facebook in one of its blog posts.

Thankfully, Messenger users will be required to opt in into this feature before they’re bombarded with messages from a business.

Business on Messenger is similar to another product, Path Talk, that coordinates interactions with businesses and restaurants over chat.

And while it’s currently not possible to buy goods and services using Messenger, it’s certainly possible that this feature will be added in the future. After all, the company did just integrate peer-to-peer payments into the platform.