Nomad releasing a tiny keyring Pebble charger

I really dislike proprietary cables, and I’m not the only one. Companies justify their decisions in lots of ways — speed, convenience, security — but in the end, it’s yet another charging cable to lug around on trips and to work.

I really dislike Pebble’s proprietary cable; I also find it frustrating that the Steel variant charges with a different version than the original. Despite the long battery life, it’s one of the reasons I transitioned to a Sony SmartWatch 3, which charges via a regular microUSB.

All this is to say I appreciate Nomad Products’ new keyring-sized charger for the original Pebble. It’s small, light and doesn’t take up space. And, at $19.95 USD, it’s only $5 more than a replacement cable directly from Pebble itself.

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