Vine now allows HD recording and playback


Periscope might be the all new rage when it comes to video sharing right now, but doesn’t mean Twitter has forgotten its other made-for-social video format.

On Friday, Vine announced that its users will soon be able to view, record and upload 720p video. Several high-quality Vines, such as the one below of a dog helping its owner play Vampire Weekend’s A-Punk, have already started to filter out onto the Internet.

According to the company, the upgrade should be live on most iPhones already. Android users, as usual, will have to wait at least a couple more days to get the update. iPhone users will also get to upload 720p videos first, with Android users getting the capability in the coming weeks.

The move brings Instagram—which displays its videos at 640 x 640px—and Vine to near parity in terms of resolution.