Gmail for Android adds unified inbox, even for non-Google addresses


Gmail for Android has existed for a long time — coming on seven years, if my math is correct — and throughout its history, through several redesigns and the addition of dozens of features, it has lacked the ability to unify disparate inboxes.

Now, months after Google brought support for non-Gmail addresses to its Android client, Gmail now supports unified inboxes, namely the ability to see all one’s emails from multiple accounts — even non-Google email addresses — in the same stream.


The update is rolling out this week for Gmail users on Android, bringing with it improved auto-complete in search and threaded conversations for non-Gmail addresses (like Outlook and Yahoo).

The app will also benefit from a number of new playful transition animations, some of which were first spotted in the new Google Play Store version.

There’s no APK for manual sideloading just yet, but we’ll update this post when it comes.