Microsoft Outlook for iOS and Android updated with new address book and calendar features

New Outlook Features

Microsoft has updated the iOS and Android versions of its popular email client, adding several significant new features.

The most apparent change is that the app’s contacts section has been completely reworked. Gone is the previous simplified view of one’s contacts; instead, what’s inside of the app now is a new fully featured address book that syncs across multiple Outlook accounts. As a result of the change, Outlook users are now able to email or call a contact directly from their card, as well as look at any previous conversations and files they’ve shared with that person. Moreover, for those on Android, Outlook is able to pull additional contacts straight from a phone’s local address book.

For anyone that is a part of a company or organization that uses Outlook for all their emails, the mobile app is now able to access Outlook directories, allowing one to search for a contact, even if that contact hasn’t been added to their local Outlook address book.

Speaking of search, Outlook now highlights searched words and terms to help its user find exactly the email they’re looking for it.

Outlook Android and iOS Upadte

Microsoft has also reworked the calendar portion of the app. There’s a new landscape mode that the company says those with larger phones, particularly the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note 4, will want to check out.

Finally, the update also includes several smaller fit and finish changes. Despite being relatively minor, they’re changes that long time Outlook users will nonetheless appreciate. First, there’s the newly added ability to perform bulk functions. This feature is currently only available on iOS, though Microsoft says it’s coming to Android, too. It’s also finally possible to permanently delete items that have been placed in Outlook’s deleted items folder. Lastly, there are several under the hood enhancements to how the app handles localization and accessibility.

Allen Filush, a product manager on the Outlook team, outlined how his team will continue to improve Outlook over the next couple of weeks and months. Most of the planned improvements are ones that will benefit businesses and organizations, but for those that are curious, the post is well worth reading.