Todoist for iOS hits version 10 with massive update

While most tech companies were busy preparing elaborate April Fools’ jokes, at least one design house was putting the finishing touches on a major update to ones of its apps.

On Tuesday, Doist announced what it’s claiming is its most comprehensive update to Todoist since launch. “It’s the 10th version of Todoist for iOS, and it’s one that has the potential to truly change your life,” says the company’s blog.

It’s hard to say whether an app update can be considered life-changing, but it’s clear that Doist has invested significant time and effort into refining its flagship app.

The most apparent difference, at least upon starting up, is that the app’s look and feel has changed. Even among the standards of iOS apps, what’s here is exceptionally clean and easy on the eyes.

Beyond that, however, there are several changes that long time Todoist users will likely appreciate.

First, there are two new ways to quickly add tasks to a list. The more obvious way is through a large, red button that is located at bottom right of every list. Once this button is tapped and a task is inputted, the app will automatically append the inputted task to the bottom of a list.

It’s also possible to append tasks in between two other ones. This is accomplished by pinching out in between two tasks.    

When adding a task, the new version of Todoist will parse through what’s being entered to automatically highlight, sort and prioritize due dates, labels and priorities. According to the company’s blog post, the app is able to parse dates in 14 different languages—including Chinese—and it supports 100 rules and 300 normalizations per language.

The company also says this new version of the app is able understand some very eccentric deadlines. For instance, it will properly sort an entry like, “Run two miles with Carrie every Thursday at 6am starting April 2nd and ending October 12th.

Finally, Gmail label addicts will appreciate the addition of colour themes. Lists can now be categorized one of 10 colours, adding some much needed life to them.

The update is live on the App Store now.

As for when Android users can expect these features to come to their version of the app, well, they might have to wait a while. All Doist offered in terms of a definitive date was “soon”.