Facebook begins testing WhatsApp integration


After acquiring WhatsApp last February for $19 billion, Facebook has started testing how the service might integrate into its popular social network.

Some users who receive version of Facebook’s Android app will be able to send and share Facebook posts with anyone on their WhatsApp’s contact list.

Once the app is updated to the proper version, news items should have a “Send” button with the WhatsApp logo that allows one to take advantage of the functionality.

Facebook WhatsApp integration

Screenshot of Facebook’s Android with and without the new WhatsApp send option. Courtesy of Geektime.

It’s important to note that Facebook often does extensive A/B testing with its apps, so not everyone will get to try out this feature, even if Facebook updates for them.

It’s currently not clear how deeply Facebook will integrate its social network and messaging platform with Whatsapp, especially after the company used its F8 conference to announce several new Facebook Messenger-related projects.   

That said, Geektime, which was one of the first outlets to report on the update, has said that it has heard unconfirmed reports that teams from both companies are working on new ways to integrate Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. According to the website, an upcoming feature will allow users to send message between the two services.

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