HTC releases preliminary Q1 earnings report, continues to be in the black

HTC One M9

HTC released its preliminary Q1 earnings report today.

With an unaudited net profit of NT$360-million ($14.5 million CAD) and an unaudited revenue of NT$41.52 ($1.6 billion CAD), the Taiwanese smartphone marker is once again in the black.

The company’s revenue is slightly down from the high it hit in Q4 of last year, but a significant improvement from what it reported in Q1 of 2014 when it said it experienced a net loss of NT$1.88 ($80-million CAD).

As this is HTC’s preliminary earnings report, we’ll have to wait until the company releases its official earnings report, which is likely to drop in May, to get a better sense of its financial health. Still, after multiple quarters of losses, the company appears to be back on track.    

The full report can be viewed on HTC’s website.     

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