Playground Global, Andy Rubin’s hardware-focused incubator, raises $48 million

Andy Rubin, the man considered to be the father of Android OS, departed Google last October to run a tech incubator. According to a SEC filing, Rubin has raised $48 million for his new venture, Playground Global, which will focus on building hardware products. Rubin will be the Managing Director, but number of other tech elite also sit on its board, including Matt Hershenson, Peter Barrett, and Bruce Leak.

In addition, California-based Redpoint Ventures also announced that Rubin has joined its team as a Venture Partner, and is the primary investor in Playground. Jeff Brody, Partner at Redpoint, said, “Andy is already evaluating and backing companies with us, and we’re excited to see how he can help Redpoint founders moving forward. We’re thrilled that he’ll be a part of our team identifying the next great startups and working with teams to realize their full potential.”

While there is no indication of what hardware startups Playground is seeking, Canada has a number of contenders that would significantly improve its portfolio, such as Thalmic Labs, PUSH Strength, Nymi, and OMsignal.

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