Twitter releases a new and improved quote tweet button [Update: Now available on Android]


On Monday, Twitter changed the functionality of its much-maligned quote tweet button.

Previously, clicking this button would simply dump the text of a selected tweet into a new tweet. In contrast, clicking the retweet button now will give users the option to embed a tweet and add their own commentary (see an image of the button in action below).

Quote TweetUltimately, this change means that people will have more characters to work with when they decide to quote a tweet—116, to be exact. It also looks a bit easier on the eyes, especially when viewed on mobile.

The update is already live on the official Twitter iOS and web app, and will be coming to the Android Twitter app “soon”.

Finally, according to The Next Web, the company will add support for this feature to its API, meaning that third-party Twitter apps like Tweetbot for iOS and Carbon for Android will be able to take advantage of this change as well. Huzzah!

Update: Android users, this new Quote behaviour is now rolling out in the latest update. Twitter notes that it’s now “easier to add your own comments to other people’s Tweets.” Grab it here from Google Play.

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