Google brings back month view to the Android version of Google Calendar

Google Calendar Month View

After making the questionable decision to remove from month view from the mobile version of Google Calendar, Google has decided that it may, in fact, be a good idea to let Google Calendar users see whole months at a time.

The newest update to Google Calendar not only brings back month view to the popular calendar app, it also adds several other small features.

Users will now be able to easily see the colours of events when jumping to a specific date. Additionally, it’s now possible to easily switch between different views in the navigation drawer.

Based on Google+ post Google wrote on the matter, it appears the decision to re-implement month view came as a result of user feedback the company got after it ditched the feature in February.

According to Google, the update is already live on Android. The company also says that it’s in the process of bringing this improvement, as well as many others, to the iOS version of the app.