Canadians can now schedule a time to try on the Apple Watch in store

The Apple Watch is now available to pre-order in Canada, and while the shipping dates have slipped to June or August for some models, Apple is now taking appointments to try on the new wearable in-store. Since Apple is exclusively selling the Watch online, this might be the best way to judge if you want to purchase the smartwatch. Canadians can head over to Apple’s site and find any one of the 29 Apple Stores across the country.

There are three models available and it seems that all locations will have the Watch Sport and Apple Watch, but only two Apple Stores will carry the premium 18-karat gold infused Watch Edition (Toronto’s Eaton Centre and Montreal’s Sainte-Catherine).

Canadian pricing for Apple’s first wearable starts at $449 and rises to reach $22,000 for the rose gold or yellow gold model.

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