Cyanogen OS 12 now available for OnePlus One users

Starting this evening, OnePlus One owners who haven’t manually upgraded to OxygenOS will begin receiving over-the-air notifications for Cyanogen 12 (née CM12S), the Android 5.0-powered version of Android that users have been waiting months for.

Unlike OxygenOS, Cyanogen 12 comes with a few value-added features for OnePlus users, including a new App Themer, an extension of the company’s excellent theming engine.


And the regular email app has now been replaced with Boxer, a premium third-party app that is available for free to CM12 users. In addition to full exchange support, Boxer has multiple account integration, quick responses and a nice material design interface.

It’s taken a while, but OnePlus One users should enjoy the release of CyanogenMOD 12. Let’s hope this isn’t the last release, given the companies’ two histories.

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