Your favourite fanfic just got prettier with Wattpad 6.0 for iOS

Toronto’s Wattpad has pushed a significant update to its iOS app this morning.

Version 6.0.0 brings with it a comprehensive overhaul to the app’s look and feel. Wattpad says it has reworked many of the visual elements that make up its app to highlight the content and information users find most useful. Additionally, the company has banished much of the chrome that characterized previous versions of its iOS app.

There are other more minor changes here, as well, such as the fact that book covers have been given more screen real estate, and descriptions have been expanded to give more in-depth insights into what books are about.

This is the second update to Wattpad’s suite of mobile apps in as many days. On Tuesday, the company added SoundCloud support to its Android app, allowing users to add SoundCloud files to their stories.“The integration of SoundCloud into Wattpad’s Android app means a richer storytelling experience for millions of people around the world,” said Tarun Sachdeva, the company’s head of product, in a statement.

According to its own stats, there are more than 35 million people that use Wattpad’s service. Many of those users—85 per cent, to be exact—use one of the company’s mobile apps to do their reading.

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