HTC One M9 receiving camera-enhancing OTA update [Update]

Update: The rollout is now happening. Devices are being updated to build 1.32.631.31. The 333.37MB download improves camera performance and provides “system enhancements.” Vague claims, but a big improvement.

Other carriers’ One M9s should be receiving this same OTA update today, if they haven’t already.


The Rogers HTC One M9, which went on sale April 17th, is set to receive an OTA update that improves camera performance and lowers the thermal output of the device’s Snapdragon 810 chip.

As we noted in our One M9 review, the build makes changes to the One M9’s camera auto exposure and sharpness settings, making daylight shots a lot more palatable.

It also updates the device’s kernel governor, bringing down the maximum clock speeds of the Snapdragon 810’s four Cortex-A57 cores while under load. Early tester units ended up regularly heating to uncomfortable levels, which HTC has addressed, with only a minor impact to performance, in this build.

The rollout will likely hit all Canadian variants of the HTC One M9 in the coming days, so stay tuned for more.

[source]Ryan Caldwell[/source]