Canadians love to send poop emojis


While Canadians might view themselves as a nation of caring and generous people, it turns out our emoji usage says something different about us.

According to the SwiftKey Emoji Report, Canadians tend to send emojis that are usually considered “more American” when they text. By far the most popular emoji used by Canadian texters is the the poop emoji, though other more base and violent emojis are commonly sent as well. For instance, the second most used emoji in Canada is the gun emoji, followed by the ‘cheers’ image and pizza.

SwiftKey also points out that English-speaking Canadians are more violent in their emoji usage. 1.52 per cent of English-speaking users are know to use violent emoji—this is in contrast to the rest of the world where only 0.97 per cent use violent emoji.

swiftkey poop1

The findings were compiled over a four month period (October 2014 to January 2015) from 16 different languages and tapped over one billion pieces of emoji data from Android and iOS users. SwiftKey notes that while there are now over 800 different emojis available, happy faces—which include winks, kisses, smiles, and grins—are the most used, representing 45 per cent of emojis sent.

swiftkey poop

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