Nearly 70% of Facebook’s revenue now comes from mobile advertising


Facebook reported today its earnings for the year’s first quarter, and the company continues to redefine itself as a mobile-first network.

Its $3.54 billion in revenue (all numbers USD) was a 42% increase over the same period last year, when under 60% of its advertising revenue was generated from mobile devices. Now, with 73% of its ad revenue generated from smartphones and tablets, Facebook has proven that some forms of bite-sized marketing do work.

Non-GAAP earnings per share were $0.42, with a net income of $1.19 billion.

Screenshot 2015-04-22 16.58.29

As for users, the company now boasts nearly one billion daily active users (DAUs). The largest area of growth for the quarter was, as expected, in the mobile sphere, with 798 million users accessing some portion of the network every day, an increase of 31% year over year.

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Monthly active users increased 13% to 1.44 billion, a slighter increase compared to the mobile-specific metrics, implying a plateauing of the network’s population. Mobile monthly active users were up 24% to 1.25 billion.

Perhaps one of the most fascinating numbers was in the Mobile-only Monthly Active User category, which spiked 10% over last quarter to 581 million users. That number singles out the number of users who never access Facebook on a desktop.

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Facebook’s highest-value customers are still in North America, though average revenue per user (ARPU) dropped slightly in Q1 to $8.32. Worldwide ARPU also dropped to an average of $2.50.

Revenue was impacted quarter over quarter by an increase in marketing; you may have seen a sampling of Facebook’s efforts in billboards advertising its service. The company also spent more this quarter on research, likely in the field of virtual reality, through its Oculus acquisition.

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