Rogers aims to cut down on complaints with new bill format

Rogers has millions of customers across all its lines of business, including about 9.5 million wireless subscribers. When Guy Laurence took over as CEO he ushered in his Rogers 3.0 plan and announced his commitment to “overhaul the customer experience.”

Earlier this year, the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services’ (CCTS) mid-year report showed that Rogers accounted for 22.6% of the total number of telco-related complaints (1,240 complaints), second only to Bell’s 1,989 complaints.

To improve the customer experience, Laurence announced at the company’s AGM this week that Rogers will roll out an improved billing process over the next few weeks. He said that much of the confusion around bills centres around the tools customer service agents use to parse them; the bill a customer sees is different to that of the telephone agent. The new bill format will be identical for both sides of the conversation.

Laurence said this is being implemented “so [that] customer and agent can have a proper conversation. We took the savings from last year’s reorganization and we’re pouring it into customer experience. This year, we’re redirecting over $100 million to fund new positions and fix our systems.

“To be successful, our employees need the right tools. This was a huge issue when I joined and we’ve started to fix it,” Laurence said.

Rogers recently announced its Q1 2015 results and recorded $3.18 billion in revenues and a net profit of $275 million.

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