Latest Xbox One preview update brings Miracast and Live TV streaming


Xbox Community Manager Larry Hryb took to Twitter today to announce several features that will be coming to the Xbox One soon.

Among the features that Xbox One owners will be most excited for is the addition of Miracast streaming support to the home console. That is, the Xbox One can now stream 1080p video over Wi-Fi.

Using the Wireless Display app, users can now stream unprotected video content or photos to the Xbox One from a Windows PC, Windows Phone or Android device. The Wireless Display app also allows for screen mirroring.

Additionally, the SmartGlass app has also been updated. It now has the ability to send a signal to the Xbox One to power it on or off.

There are also several new features being added to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Xbox app. One of the more interesting additions is the ability to stream live TV from the Xbox One. Using the Hauppauge 995Q TV tuner as well as a HD TV antenna like the Mohu Leaf, the Xbox One is able to capture over the air over the air HDTV signals. This latest update will allows the Xbox One to extend what it catches to a PC using the Windows 10 Xbox app.

The full suite of updates is currently only available to people in Microsoft’s Xbox One Preview Program, but, according to the Verge, the update should be rolling out to everyone else within the next week or so.

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