Latest SwiftKey for Android integrates with Dashlane for easy password input


Whether one uses Android, iOS, Windows or something else, something no mobile operating system gets right is password entry; even with a third-party password manager, the process is painful.

The newest beta of SwiftKey for Android aims to fix this problem by integrating with Dashlane—like 1Password and LastPass, Dashlane is a password manager that generates and stores password.

Once someone has updated to the beta version of SwiftKey, the third-party keyboard will automatically detect when the user is looking at a website or app that requires a password. It will then bring up a prompt with the most likely password that can be inputed. The user then simply taps on the correct password and SwiftKey will do the rest.

For those worried about SwiftKey having access to their credentials, the keyboard merely acts as a mediator between Dashlane and the website or app in question. The advantage of this setup is that SwiftKey users don’t have to rely on the less than ideal keyboard solutions offered by LastPass and 1Password.

In order to take advantage of the Dashlane integration, SwiftKey users need to have the password manager installed on their Android device. The two apps will integrate with one another whether a person has the free or premium version of Dashlane.

Huzzah for security.

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