Motorola begins international Android 5.1 rollout for first-gen Moto X: Here’s what’s new

Motorola is set to release Android 5.1 for the original Moto X. While we don’t know the Canadian launch date — Motorola Canada wouldn’t comment other than to say they are working on it — we do have a breakdown of the changes from KitKat.

As we told you previously, Motorola devices that had later update plans, many of which were last-generation models, will be updated directly to Android 5.1 from 4.4.2. Google’s latest version implements some important changes, including performance improvements, major bug fixes, and some aesthetic improvements over Android 5.0, but from a Moto X user perspective looks to provide the same overarching feature set.

Moto X users can look forward to all the features that Lollipop brings, as well as enhancements to Moto Display, Moto Assist and Moto Actions. There’s also a new flashlight feature available in the update Quick Settings menu.

While the official change log is in Portuguese, it’s easy enough to understand using Google Translate.

As soon as we know when Motorola is launching Android 5.1 for the original Moto X and its other aging devices, we’ll let you know.