HTC has the cure for Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder

HTC’s founder Cher Wang recently took over the CEO post from Peter Chou, who ventured on to handle the “Future Development Lab.” With new ideas at the helm, HTC has released a 2-minute commercial called “Cellami,” which takes aim at both Samsung and Apple.

The ad reveals how HTC’s flagship can help you move past “Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder”, “SAD (Samsung Affective Disorder)”, and “iOS (Irritable Operating System).” The remedy for overcoming this fictional disease is to use the One M9, which doesn’t cause side effects such as “permanent thumb loss,” “blue teeth” and “oily plastic discharges.”

HTC’s promo resembles a Viagara commercial and claims the One M9 “is the best” and that “you should go enjoy your life.”

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