Flappy Creator lets anyone create their own Flappy Bird clone

Flappy Dodge

A programmer named Jared Feldman has created a tool that allows anyone, no matter what their coding background, to create their very own Flappy Bird clone.

Using the creator, it’s possible to substitute all the game’s visual elements—though creating a competent clone obviously requires proficiency with an image editing program like Pixelmator or Photoshop. The creator also allows one to add new background music and sounds to their game.

It’s also possible to play the parodies other people have created. For instance, there’s one clone where the player assumes control of a cute cat, and another where the ever lovable Doge is the one who has to dodge those pesky pipes.

Flappy CreatorAll told, the creator is not a bad way to waste a couple of minutes, though if writing this article has taught me anything, it’s that the experience of playing Flappy Bird is still as aggravating as ever, no matter what skin is applied to the game.

Stay tuned for Mobilesyrup‘s Flappy Bird clone. Coming “soon” to a mobile phone near you.

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