Instagram details its Apple Watch app

Instagram for AppleWatch

Instagram today detailed its popular photo sharing app on Apple Watch.

The company says it worked closely with Apple to tailor Instagram’s smartphone experience to the new wearable device. This likely means that, unlike many other developers, Instagram actually had access to an Apple Watch when it was working on the update.

In terms of functionality, almost everything that’s present in Instagram’s smartphone environment, minus taking photos, is replicated on the Apple Watch.

Using the app, it’s possible to browse through recent posts, as well as see any likes and comments posts have received. Navigation is done simply by swiping up and down on the Apple Watch. In an effort to avoid inundating users with notifications, it appears that it is possible to control how granular notifications are.

Additionally, it’s possible to send quick replies to comments with emojis, which should work well with the recently added ability to use emoji hashtags within the smartphone app itself.

Like all other Apple Watch apps, functionality is built into the existing iPhone app available on the App Store.