Samsung Q1 2015 results reveal increase in smartphone sales, tablet sales continued to decrease

Samsung reported its first quarter 2015 results on Tuesday. The massive conglomerate posted an operating profit of $5.63 billion USD (KRW $5.98 trillion) on revenues of $44 billion USD (KRW 47.12 trillion), which represents an 11 per cent decrease over the previous quarter.

However, all is not lost. Samsung said its mobile business is performing well, propped up by the Galaxy A and other “new middle- to low-end smartphones—all the while decreasing marketing expenditures.” This trend of mobile growth will continue to surge in Q2 “due to increased global sales of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge.” Samsung didn’t mention the number of Galaxy S6 devices sold since launch.

Samsung also noted that tablet and feature phone sales continued to decrease, along with their average sales prices. Missing from the release was any mention of smartwatches or how the company is performing in the wearable market.

[source] Samsung [/source]