Apple plans to let you shop for an iPhone from your Watch (Update)

Update: The Apple Store app was updated to include Watch support, but it doesn’t include the ability to purchase. Users can, instead, track existing orders, find the closest Apple Stores, and book meetings with Genius members.

Most people who have ordered the Apple Watch are still waiting eagerly for their shipments, but that doesn’t mean Apple is slowing down in their efforts to make the timepiece more useful to people who already have one. The company will soon be updating its Apple Store app to include support for the Watch, which will make a useful app even more so.

Though most of the usefulness of the Apple Store app currently involves perusing Apple’s wares on the go, the Watch functionality will likely focus more on your experience in Apple stores. Some functionality we’d expect to see: checking in for Genius Bar appointments, summoning Apple employees for assistance, and perhaps providing notifications about in-store events using iBeacons.

You are already able to pay for your purchases in the Apple Store using Apple Pay on the Watch (if you have a US credit card and iTunes account), and rumours currently point to a fall rollout for Apple Pay in Canada. Apple is advertising its new watches very heavily, and this will be just one more reason the company thinks you should buy one.