HTC One M9 gains RAW capture support with new Camera app update

When HTC launched the One M9, which has been available in Canada for nearly two weeks, the company promised RAW capture support for the 20MP camera.

Twenty megapixels makes a lot of data, but the limitations of JPEG compression mar much of the finer details. Shooting in RAW, which produces a DNG (digital negative) file in addition to a regularly-sized JPEG, allows users to edit facets of the photo in desktop imaging apps like Lightroom or Aperture, to bring out its best qualities.

In an update to the HTC Camera app, downloaded through then Play Store, users now have the option of shooting in RAW, though editing the file is not possible on the phone itself. The update also makes it easy to hide unused photo modes.

While the One M9 has been criticized for its disappointing photo quality, RAW shooting should go a long way to attracting more serious photographers to the device. The recently-announced LG G4 also supports RAW mode out of the box.

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