Meerkat iOS’s update brings Facebook integration, an address book and “mobbing”


Seeking greener pastures, Meerkat has added Facebook integration to its live streaming app.

The integration was added through the startup’s iOS app, which was updated this weekend to allow Meerkat to make posts on Facebook. Once the two are linked by a user, Meerkat will post a news story to Facebook anytime they start to stream, telling their friends that they can watch. Clicking on the news post will redirect a person to an online Meerkat page or to the company’s smartphone app.

Beyond Facebook integration, Meerkat added two other features.

With the addition of an in-app address book, Meerkat users can now be much more selective about who sees their content. Once a person has populated the app’s address book with contacts, there’s an option to stream to only the people on that list.

Lastly, the company has added a feature called “mobbing” to the app. Once a certain threshold of viewers is reached, a rocket ship will appear on the screen, informing the user that they’re being mobbed.

Meerkat also updated its Android app last week, allowing anyone to download it.

Image courtesy of Flickr user Joao Santos.