Rogers offering free data to long-term customers in wake of June 3rd Wireless Code deadline

Rogers has begun sending text messages to select Rogers and Fido customers informing them they are to receive between 1GB and 2GB of free data until their next upgrade, for up to 12 months.

“Rogers info: Fantastic News! We’ve added 1GB/mo. of extra data on your wireless ***-***-**** at no extra cost. Thank you for being our loyal customer. Enjoy this gift effective May 7, 2015, valid only on your current plan until your next device upgrade for a maximum of 12 months. (non-transferrable).”

“Hi, it’s Fido: Thanks for being with us! Here’s an extra 1GB of data per month just for you at no extra cost for ***-***-****. It’ll start on **********, so enjoy it as long as you have your current plan or until you upgrade your phone, for up to 12 months. Reach us at ****.”

As Canadian carriers approach the June 3rd cutoff when all customers must be able to cancel their contracts within 24 months without penalty, Rogers has identified some customers, based on unclear metrics, that would likely take extra data over leaving the company in the short-term.

Because customers would be able to leave en masse, even with outstanding device balances, beginning June 3rd, Rogers is attempting to keep them loyal until at least their three-year contracts expire.

Based on the information posted on RedFlagDeals, average revenue per customer (ARPU) is not the determining factor to receiving this offer, nor is the amount of time remaining on one’s three-year plan. Because it is mandatory for all Rogers customers to upgrade to a Share Everything Plan, and Fido customers to a Pulse plan, in order to receive a subsidy or financing towards a device, this maneuver is meant to stem the flow of customers leaving the carrier for another.

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