Get your next phone delivered to a Canada Post office with FlexDelivery

Canada Post

Canada Post today announced a new service called FlexDelivery that allows online shoppers to save themselves the frustration of missing an important delivery.

Similar to a service like BufferBox, which Google bought and subsequently shut down, FlexDelivery allows Canadians to have packages sent to one of Canada Post’s 6000 locations instead of their homes. The crown corporation will hold packages at one of their retail locations for free.

To sign up for the service, simply go to the Canada Post website. Once there, choose a preferred pickup location. The site will then provide a unique identification code and delivery address. When shopping online, simply enter that address as your preferred shipping destination. When a package arrives, Canada Post will send you an email.

“A good delivery experience is important to Canadians that shop online and convenience is a key driver of a good delivery experience. A third of Canadians aren’t home during the day to receive their packages and FlexDelivery offers them an opportunity to redirect to a convenient and secure location for them,” said Rod Hart, general manager of Parcels and e-Commerce at Canada Post, in a statement issued to Mobilesyrup.

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