CRTC fines five more companies for violating telemarketing rules

The CRTC has been busy laying down the fines to companies making unwanted telemarketing calls. The regulator of telecommunications systems in Canada recently fined Thrift Magic $250,000, Québec Loisirs $200,000, Telelisting $260,000, Florida-based Consolidated Travel Holdings for $200,000, and even one of Canada’s largest media outlets, Metroland, $240,000.

“In response to complaints filed by Canadians,” the latest round of fines has a group of new companies added to the growing list of violating the National Do Not Call List (DNCL):

– AcademyOne Learning Ltd., a company offering educational tutoring – $25,000
– Eagle Water of Ontario, a water treatment company – $32,500
– Outsource 3000 Inc., a telemarketer offering calling services for telemarketing – $15,000
– Scentral Cleaning Services, a residential and commercial cleaning company – $20,000
– Ontario Eco Energy Inc – $30,000

Manon Bombardier, CRTC Chief Compliance and Enforcement Officer, stated, “It is important to remember that the CRTC’s purpose is not to impose monetary penalties, but to encourage compliance with the requirements of the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules. To do that, we have a duty to remind telemarketers that they must comply with the Rules, whether they are within or outside Canada.”

[source] CRTC [/source]