Google to give Android users more control over app permissions: report


According to Bloomberg, Google is planning to give Android users more granular control over what information downloaded applications can access from their phones.

The publication’s sources, which declined to be named, say that the change in policy will be announced at Google’s I/O developer conference, scheduled to start on May 28.

Currently, Android takes an all or nothing approach to privacy. While users are told exactly what information an app can pull before they download it, their only recourse with an app they feel is being invasive is to not download it. With this change, Android will take a similar approach iOS, where, for example, users can decide not to let an app access their location information. Cyanogen OS has also implemented more granular per-app privacy controls, but Google’s solution would be more tightly baked into the operating system.

Besides location data, Bloomberg says sharing of photos and contacts could also come under the control of the user.

Mobilesyrup will be attending Google I/O, and we’ll be sure to report on this should Google make an announcement.