Results of 2500 Mhz spectrum auction will be announced tomorrow

Industry Canada is set to announce the results of its latest spectrum auction. On Twitter, Industry Minister James Moore stated that, “results of 2500 MHz spectrum auction coming tomorrow. Good news for rural Canadians.”

The 2,500Mhz auction started on April 14th and the list of qualified bidders included the usual group, such as Rogers, Bell, TELUS, WIND, Eastlink (Bragg Communications), TBayTel, MTS, and Videotron, but also brought forth new players SSi Micro, Xplornet and Corridor Communications.

As previously reported, this auction was divided into three geographic regions with each provider being capped at 40 Mhz per region: Region A is the Atlantic Provinces, most of Quebec, most of Ontario, the province of Alberta, most of British Columbia, Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut; Region B focuses more on larger cities in Southern Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia, and the entire province of Saskatchewan; Region C is the whole of Manitoba.

When the auction began, Moore said, “Canadians have been clear: they want their government to make decisions that will lead to more choice, lower prices and better service in the wireless sector… Through this auction, new competitors will have the opportunity to acquire even more spectrum to deliver better service.”

There is no indication of how much the government raised during the 2,500Mhz auction. Analysts are forecasting it to come in well below the 700MHz auction from last year, which raised a total of $5.27 billion, and lower than the $2.11 billion during AWS-3 spectrum auction.

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